Laron McBryde




Hello! My name is Laron McBryde. I am currently a junior at John Jay College in pursuit of a law degree. My  concentration is a dual program with a BA in political science, and a BS in criminal justice. I reside at East Harlem where I lived here for eleven years now. My upbringing consists of being raised along with seven other siblings. Being that I am older than the majority, my daily responsibilities consists of looking after them. I learned the game ofchess in middle school joining the chess club. I became very passionate about the game as I gradually improved. I am a very active chess player currently, where I am still competing in tournaments to expand my knowledge of the game. I have worked with various after school  programs and have instructed well over 350 students in chess ranging from kindergarten to high school. I am highly passionate about my work with the students and I enjoy being a chess instructor as well as a personal mentor.

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