Private Lesson

chess private lesson   Our private lessons give students the individualized attention from their teacher. Private tutoring lessons are designed to meet the personal needs of each child. One-On-One / Private Lesson designed for students who need an attention granting environment. It offers individualized academic support while accommodating the personal learning style of each student.


Chess private lesson children   Chess private lesson children Chess private lesson children Chess private lesson children Our private Chess lessons are specially designed to cover the needs of each student. Suitable for any levels from beginners to masters this lessons are focussed on advance our student strategy, improve the game and get better results in all levels. Our Chess teachers are dedicated to improve academic excellence by encouraging and training our students to become problem solvers, critical thinkers, and admirable leaders. We offer a variety of experienced teachers that will appeal to a child’s specific needs. We offer chess instruction from youngest beginners (some as young as 3 1/2 to 4 years old) and slightly older beginners and intermediate players, to advanced players. Students take part in chess-related tasks like puzzle solving, lessons on demonstration boards and analysis sessions. Please do no hesitate to conctact us with any questions or enquiries at: Tel (212) 414-4130 NY CHESS KIDS –191 7th Ave, New York, NY