Dear parents and students, Thank you for spending one more week with us, especially during the summer,  when our students are having fun and learning at the same time despite the scorching temperatures. Thankfully, the Learning Center is equipped with a powerful AC that keeps the kids comfortable (but not too cold!). This week we had an average of 10 kids per day so every teacher had 3 to 4 students per class, which allowed us to have a more relaxed atmosphere that is ideal for learning new concepts. We had Chess, Art, Coding and Lego Robotics during this week, rotating lessons every 45 min, for a total of 4 lessons per day. We always provide snacks: fresh fruit like blueberries and bananas, veggie chips, olive oil pop corn, and some cheese puffs. During the break time our students are allowed to play board games and video games but only for a limited time. During our coding Lessons kids created their own programs and games.  Scroll down to see all our students CODING projects.  


Chess is always favorite! Our students love at least taking 2 chess lessons per day and playing some chess games to practice the new techniques that they learned. Out teacher Tae is a young chess talent that engage with the kids in a unique way. Lucas, and Nicolas learned basic new concepts with Tae, and played some games. Young Marlan is very talented and has a great passion for chess, he can’t wait to beat you! He will be playing chess even during the break time. All our students attended at least one chess lesson a day, without any exception: Rajeev, Kathryn, Tristan, Maxwell, Marlan, Nicolas, Eisa, Daniel, Santi, Ari and young Lucas!



Art is the most creative of our lessons, kids can relax and let their mind flow without restrictions, in the art class everything is possible: unicorns, sword fights, incredible animals and fantasy landscapes. Marlan was the big artist this week! He really enjoyed painting on the canvas his favorite character from the movie Pretty in Pink. Charlize, Daniel, Santi and Marlan made great watercolor painting for the first time! Rageev made a super cool sword fighting painting. He said he loves to draw!

Marlan and Rajeev drawings:

Marlan drawing Rajeev


Our teacher Pilar take turns from coding to teach and build easy robots with our students. We use Lego Mindstorms to build basic circuits and motors. We built and control a simple Rover similar to the Mars Explorer during this week. Lucas and Nicolas really loved robotics! Max was really into the Mars Rover and he used it to move boxes from one place to another, also building lego structures and destroying them with the Rover.


Coding lessons had become one of the most demanded subjects during our camps. Our engineer teacher Pilar teaches coding thanks the MIT language called Scratch, specially designed for kids and beginners. With Scratch our students can create simple games or programs during the lessons. It’s really fun! And kids learn basic coding concepts that will help them to become developers one day. Eisa is very talented and had fun with coding! Max created his own game and we are really proud of you! Ari love remixing existing games that are really complex, wow Ari! Also he created his own musical keyboard full of funny noises. Tristan really likes coding and the started a Packman project and also started to remix complex games. Rajeev visited us on Friday and he loved video games. Daniel and Santi enjoyed making funny games, like shark attack!

Plane Hunts Cat - by Max  Scape from your enemies and shoot pressing Space bar to destroy them.

Flying Taco - by Eisa. Avoid the buildings moving the arrows Up and Down


Marvel Fight by Boogie


Ari and Tristan - Piano Keyboard, press A, S, D, F, G, H, J, K, L to hear all the sounds


The Black Hole, by Santi and Daniel, move the cats till they disappear in the Black Hole.

Ari's Mindcraft version

Ari and Katrhyn Nyan Cats Rainbow!


Screaming Flying Bat, by Max- by our younger students

Remix of by Ari and Jonathan