We had such an amazing week together! We are so glad to share this summer with wonderful students like Julie, Leo M., Valentine, Jasper, Leo C., Spencer, Neev, Miles, Lucas, Sayan, Niyah, Theodore, Dylan, Rajeev and Eitan!


Chess is the King of our activities. In our Learning Center we make sure that children have at least one lesson of chess a day. Our chess coach is Carlos, a FIDE Chess Master that absolutely enjoys teaching and training our students. He also offers private lessons and master classes for chess championships.



Natalia is the heart of our camp: her patience and caring makes her a favorite with every student. Her workshops are always energetic and creative yet still a nice brain-break after chess lessons. Our student love painting or sculpting their own art works, creating something they can bring home with them at the end of the day. This week everybody was interested on painting and sculpting Pokemon! A few also made portraits and presents for their families and friends. Julie, Valentine, Eitan and Leo were busy working on their art every day. Thanks Valentine for teaching us French! Tu nous manques! Congrats also to Julie M. for her Ballet achievements and to Leo M. for being the perfect brother and cousin.

Robotics and Coding

In robotics we had so much fun! Neev, Dylan, Sayan, Miles, Lucas, Valentine and Leo M. enjoyed making their own robotic creations! Jasper, Leo C., Sayan, Spencer, Leo M., Eitan, Neeve, and Theodore loved the coding time! Our teacher Pilar is an engineer that is currently studying coding online with MIT; she teaches Robotics and Coding and is really passionate about science and technology. She designs engaging activities that are fun and instructive at the same time. Thanks Jasper C. and Leo C. for the book of Scratch activities. Thanks Leo M. for being such a good student and for sharing your Scratch wisdom with other kids.  

Here you can see some of the projects they have done in coding:

Catch the Bombs by Leo Matsuura:

Catch the Watermelons! By Jasper C., Leo C. and Spencer

Move the Cat with the key arrows

Animation: the Ghosts! (Team work)

By Sayan and Theodore: Jungle Jump!

 Press the arrows to control the tigger, also press Up Arrow to make them Jump.

You can mute the music by clicking on the music button.

Trolkemon for Fun! First animation by Jasper

Rajeev and Jasper - Fun project!

Experimenting with Scratch options.

Slenderman by Leo M. and Eitan - We still think Slenderman is a cool dude, and he is not that bad.

Screaming Bat by Neeve - this was his first animation!

When the Bat touches the edge it screams.