Dear parents and students, thank you once again for your trust and for spending with us another wonderful week. We had so much fun during this camp activities Chess, Coding, Art and Robotics. Here is a small summary of what every student did this week:

Maxwell : Max is very young and talented, he really loves Coding and enjoy playing and learning Chess, Everyday Max had an average of 2 coding lessons and 2 chess lessons.

Tristan: he is an excellent student that loves Coding with Scrach. Tristan always has new ideas to create his own games and animations. He also went to at least 1 or 2 Chess lessons per day with Gary and played chess games with the other students.

Ari: Ari is a real social butterfly, he enjoys every minute of the day and his laugh is contagious. He loves Coding lessons and editing his own games, also Ari attended at least 2 Chess lessons a day. Well done Ari!

Dario: he visited us this Friday. Dario is always attentive and he really likes Coding and Chess, today Dario attended 2 lessons of Chess and 2 of Coding. He really enjoys playing with the other students!

Theodore: always displaying his big smile Theodore is really smart and curious about everything, he loves Art and Chess, and has great conversation skills. We learned a lot from him!

YY: everybody adores YY, she is always so sweet and social. YY became instant friends with Theodore and they went together to Art lessons.

Rajeev: he tried every activity, Art, Chess and Coding during the week. Rajeev learns fast and has a lot of imagination. Keep surprising us Rajeev!

Beckett: Beckett really liked the Chess lessons with Gary Ryan. Charismatic and smart Beckett stole our hearts.

Berenice and Orfeo: this wonderful pair of siblings visited us las Wednesday, they shared their artistic skills with Natalia, also they went to Chess lessons with Gary.

Sayan: despite his young age Sayan is really smart and energetic, he tried all the activities. Art, Coding, and Chess!

Blake: she visited us today Friday. Blake is charming and loves Art, she and Natalia our Art teacher spent all afternoon painting with Theodore. Wow!

Nayah: Everybody in our Learning Center is charmed by her, she visited us last Monday and made our day!

Sophia: she is always shining! Sophia visited us on Monday too and joined Natalia for Art.


Chess lessons:

For Chess we had the fantastic Gary Ryan, a really charismatic teacher. Kids always love listening to Gary tales, every day Gary tells a story to the kids,  they also  play quiz and trivia with him during the break time. Here you can see some pictures and videos of the Chess lessons:



Art with  Natalia:

Natalia is a complete artist and she also has a great patience teaching how to paint, draw and watercolor. You can check some pictures here:

Coding and Robotics:

All our students enjoy coding because is the way they can edit and learn how to create their own videogames. It can be tricky some times and they may need some extra help from Pilar the coding teacher. Pilar is patience and adores to teach coding and robotics in a world where being able to understand technology is an advantage. This week our students learned how to edit already existing games in Scratch, the MIT free coding source, so they got choose one game (Scratch Town) and then edit the Sprites (graphics) making their own custom game. Congrats!  


BY MAX . Remix of Scratch Town:

By Ari. Remix of Scratch Town:
By Tristan. Remix of Scratch Town:

Other Games Remixes: VACATION